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#steve is like what #someone’s playing galaga #wait i don’t know what galaga is #shit what if it’s important #is it a sport #is it a band #is it a board game #like monopoly #(thank god they still have monopoly) #god i’d better just look #it’s behind me isn’t it #there is nothing behind me #GOSH DARN IT 21ST CENTURY

I like how many parts of the movie you realize Thor, Steve, and Loki really do not know what the fuck is going on.

I just want a movie with Thor, Steve and Loki attempting to figure out this century. LIke, no action, no adventure, no explosions. Just wifi.

And then every so often Tony shows up and just rolls his eyes as Loki screams at the toaster, demanding for it to surrender his breakfast.

You guys really just want an Avengers sitcom, don’t you












We’ve all heard about the massive food waste Americans incur every year.

'Sell-by', 'best-by' and 'use-by' dates are mostly unregulated and confusing for consumers when it comes to throwing items out —a factor that contributes to $165 billion of food wasted every year.

But the former president of Trader Joe’s Doug Rauch says he’s got a solution.

In May, he’s launching The Daily Table, a grocery store and restaurant in Dorchester, Mass., that will offer inexpensive food considered ‘unsellable’ by regular grocery stores.

Food available will include fruits and vegetables that are expired and repurposed food that will be incorporated into hot meals. Other items for sale will be products that are fine to eat but may have damaged packaging.

!!! Finally


Or like cucumbers that aren’t ‘straight’ enough of tomatoes that aren’t ‘red’ enough to be sold ‘cause what would the customer have to think about that?!’. 

Wonderful idea it is.

holy fuck.  when i worked as a cashier i wanted to cry everytime an egg broke.  they made me throw away the entire carton.  it would be “theft” to take it home.  that was 11 or 15 perfectly fine fucking eggs and we did NOT waste food at home.  it would tear at me all goddamn day.  i hope he does eggs too.

Its silly how much never makes it to the stores, never gets sold, or gets tossed before its bad. Especially with how many hungry people there are in our country alone. Local grocers will sometimes allow locals to pick up produce that’s spoilage for farm animals and 75% of that is still perfect for human consumption. Think people. Realize that there are tons of families in our country that don’t have enough to eat on a regular basis.

This is neat, though there are stores like that already. Around me, at least. There’s three within fifteen minutes of my house all run by local Mennonite and Amish folk. It’s dent-and-ding stuff, and “technically” expired but totally fine food. It’s so much cheaper and I get about 95% of what we need foodwise there, along with locally-grown produce and eggs and things.

Awesome. Seriously though. I’ve drank milk and eggs past their expiration date.

IT IS STILL GOOD PEOPLE. It will go bad. But you still got some time. It really disgusts me, the ammount of food we waste. Yeah, there are starving children in Africa and North Korea. In Third World Countries. But then, starving children also are in America. Who do not get enough food to eat, who’s only meal comes from school. And I fucking hate when people waste food.

I want one near me. I hope this catches on. I hope that people who don’t get enough to eat can come here and afford to go home with a cartful of groceries that has fresh vegetables and fruit in it.

I’ve been saying that these kinds of stores should be made more available! Lancaster county knows whats up.

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